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Patmos cinema

We welcome feature, narrative, documentary, short films and animation. Keep in mind, the Aegean Film Festival is a celebration of cinema, making sure our official selected programme has perfect screening quality, while the filmmakers and guests enjoy their time in the festival, free from industry stress. In other words, great films, summer skies, seminars, workshops, and parties.

Entries are invited in the following categories:

FEATURE FILMS (runtimes of 50 minutes or longer)
DOCUMENTARIES (runtimes of 50 minutes or longer)
SHORT FILMS & DOCUMENTARIES (runtimes of less than 20 minutes)

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2018

There is a Submission fee of €25,00 for feature film and documentary entries and a submission fee of €12,50 for short films and short doc entries.


To be eligible, films submitted must have been completed after July 1, 2016.
Films with significant non-English dialogue must be accompanied by on-screen English subtitles.
Preview copies must be sent only as protected links. The Festival DOES NOT accept DVD or BD screeners.

For any questions please email

You can submit through one of the following platforms: