Terms and Conditions ReScript The Future


“Participant” is defined as somebody who has successfully completed and submitted an Application and paid the Participation Fee.
“Finalists” is defined as the top 10 qualified Participants.
“Application” is defined as a submission for participation in the Competition by a Participant.
“Participation Fee” is defined as the processing fee that must be paid by a Participant for the submission of the Application and the participation at the Competition.
“Judges” is defined as the team of experts consisting of representatives of the Festival, the Waterbear Network and selected individuals who are in charge of reading and evaluating the scripts. Judges will not have access to the personal data and biographical information of the Participants in order to ensure the impartiality and reliability of the procedure.
“Script” is the artistic content of the participation.
“Jury” is defined as the six members body acclaimed representatives from the fields of science, filmmaking, art and environmental science. It is in charge of deciding on the awards of the final winners and the runner-ups on the basis of an independent ballot without any interference and influence of the Festival, the Waterbear Network and organizers/representatives of the Competition. The Finalists present their scripts before the Jury and the latter decides in a closed jury final meeting.
“Festival” is defined as the Aegean Film Festival, Non-Profit Organisation, 79 Athanasiou Karali Street, Papagou Athens 15669, Greece VAT EL997003326 Registered Tax Office: DOY Cholargou.
“Producers” is defined as Waterbear Network and Aegean Film Lab as th executor of the Competition.
“Aegean Film Lab” is defined as Aegean Film Lab LTD, 2 Wilby Mews, London, W11 3NP, England & Wales No.11188659

“Waterbear Network” is defined as WATERBEAR NETWORK B.V, Herengracht 105 – 107, 1015 BE, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
“We”, “Us” or “Competition” is defined as the 2022 “ReScript The Future” Script Competition and includes the Producers herewith.
“Website” refers to the website maintained by the Festival, available at https://www.aegeanff.com/rescript/
"Film" refers to the final documentary produced by Waterbear based on the script submitted by the winning applicant as selected by the Judges.

Participants have to register with https://aegeanff.com/rescript by creating an account in order to enter the Competition. Hereinafter there are some practical guidelines so that Participants submit a valid application. Each Participant has to login in to his/her account. The Participants fill in and submit their Application.
After the submission of the Application, a confirmation email with subject “Entry submitted” will be sent to the Participants.
The Participation Fee has to be paid after submitting the Application in order for the latter to be considered as valid. Participants proceed to payment by selecting the relevant field. Participants have to fill in the billing address, the card details and then select the field “Process payment”.
Upon completion of the payment, a confirmation email with subject “Payment received” will be sent to the Participants.
Upon completion of the procedure, the Applicants shall be able to download the invoice in a PDF format by selecting the “Preview Invoice” field.
Applications will be judged solely on the basis of the content Participants have submitted.
All Applications must be submitted in English and Participants must have the ability to communicate effectively in English.

the Participants should declare their consent to the privacy policy, the cookie policy and the terms of service of the Website and furthermore optionally to receive notification and communication emails from the Festival and Waterbear Network.
Participants reserve the right to withdraw their consent at any time by emailing the competition team at [email protected]
Parents’ or legal guardians’ consent is required for Participants under the age of 18.

The participation fee amounts tο £5 per script. Each Participant is eligible to submit an Application only once, either as an individual or as part of a team of two (2).
The payment of the fee takes place after the submission of the application form as described on paragraph 2 of the present document.
Participants, who cannot afford the Participation Fee for any reason, should apply for a waiver by sending an email to [email protected] with subject “Waiver request” stating the reason of such request. They will be informed for the approval/ rejection of their request within five (5) working days. Waiver may be granted to Participants based on their financial status and ability to afford the fee at the discretion of the organisers.
Waivers cannot be awarded on the last five (5) days before the application deadline.
Participation fees will be handled by Aegean Film Lab in order to cover technical expenses of the competition including but not limited to: platform fee, web developers fees, coordination team.
In the event of withdrawal or resignation from the Application, the Participation fee is non-refundable. It will be used to cover the technical and administrative expenses of the competition.
Festival, Waterbear Network and Aegean Film Lab declare that they do not bear any liability in case of breach of any of the present terms by the Participants.
Participants agree to fully indemnify the Festival, Waterbear Network and Aegean Film Lab against any claims by third parties arising from breach of the present terms.
Participants retain the full copyrights to any script and idea developed and submitted by them.
The work and script of each Participant are not disclosed to third parties except for the Judges and the Jury without the explicit prior consent of the Participant.
Copies of scripts, which are not accepted or produced, will be retained for up to 12 months from the competition completion.
The winning script will be produced into a Waterbear original production with a budget of up 25000 euros worth of production services by the Waterbear studios team. The applicant agrees that the final produced documentary will have its world premier at the next available edition of the Aegean Film Festival before any other public or “industry” screening. The applicant agrees that the produced film will then be hosted on the Waterbear network for the minimum duration of a year with unlimited territories. After these obligations are met, the winning film can participate in any number of festivals and/or public screenings or festivals at the discretion of the applicant.
All Applications must be the original work of the Participant and must not violate in any way the rights of third parties. We do not accept any liability if Participants ignore such terms and Participants agree to fully indemnify the Festival, Waterbear Network and Aegean Film Lab against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these terms. In any case all involved parties agree that similarities in Participants’ ideas and scripts may often occur.

Any personal information submitted to the Competition through the Application will be processed in accordance with UK GDPR and Art. 45 and 46 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and any other applicable law. All data will be treated as private, personal and confidential and will not be passed on, shared or sold to any third parties.

The Deadline Application period terminates on May 31st, 2022 at 17:00 (GMT).
Participants will receive feedback on the status of their Application on June 10th, 2022.
The Awards Ceremony is going to take place in July, 2022 during the Aegean Film Festival.
The waiver deadline is up to 5 days before the final application period deadline.

10.1 The prizes vary. Details are provided in the following tables:

10.2 Participants born between 1997 - 2009 inclusive.

1st Award
Production of the script into a WaterBear Original up to a value of €25.000 of production services.

Runner Up Awards
Winter and summer internship programmes with the Echoes 2023 (London & Athens) & WaterBear Network (Amsterdam & Bristol).

Awards for all Finalists
Guest Passes for the Aegean Film Festival in 2022.

Only individuals born between 1997-2009 (inclusive), may apply.
Each individual is able to apply only once.
The content of the Application should be suitable for all age groups.
Short documents may not exceed the duration of 15 minutes.
2D or 3D Animation, stop-motion and VR-projects are not acceptable.
Applicants should bear the full copyrights of the idea and not infringe the rights of any other party. In case that the idea is related to already published content (i.e from a book, article, poem, song etc.), a permission or a letter of interest from the author or the copyright holder is required.

The Judges and the Jury are responsible for judging the work submitted based solely on artistic criteria and without knowing the name, gender or age of the Participant. These criteria include indicatively: the originality and the strength of the voice, the strength and the originality of the idea, the accomplishment and quality of the writing of the script extract, the potential in the writing, the creativity and the imagination of the Participant, the research, knowhow, scientific accuracy, emotional quality, environmental impact and production sustainability.
All Applications are evaluated in a three-stages process, as below:
On the first stage and after the submission of the Application three independent Judges will evaluate the script and the artistic idea and rate them based on the above-mentioned criteria. The votes are supposed to form a long-list of fifty (50) Applications they deem to have the most potential.
On the second stage the fifty (50) highest rated Applications scripts are read again by all the Judges and rated again and from them the top ten (10) Applications are selected and form the short-list.
On the third stage, which constitutes the final stage, the finalists present their ideas before the Jury, which is going to decide on the final winners. Participants are not eligible to share their status of being shortlisted as this could jeopardise the anonymity and validity of the selection process. The Jury’s decision is absolute and unambiguous.
Αpart from the Judges’ reports no further feedback is distributed to the Participants.

This Agreement and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands.