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We couldn’t have achieved anything without the help of our volunteers and friends.

They assist with tasks such as catalogue editing, ticketing and managing audiences, making popcorn, helping with the set design of the venues, welcoming guests, driving around the island, digging and scratching, presenting and distributing programs and a lot more.

If you are interested in becoming a team member of Aegean Film Festival and help us keep the magic of cinema alive, then please submit your application below.

Please keep in mind that Aegean Film Festival covers full accommodation, catering and transportation on the island only for some of the non local volunteer positions and cannot provide this benefit for all involved.

However, all volunteers of the Aegean Film Festival enjoy Crew Passes that enables them to watch the films (based on available seating), invitations to the crew party, filmmakers networking event, opening and closing parties and all seminars and masterclasses. Also, all volunteers receive an AegeanFF t-shirt and tote bag, and a big thank you as a mention on our website. Finally, through our sponsors we provide discounts on accommodation, restaurants and boat tickets might be provided as well.

Hope you can join us on the islands and become a part of the ‘Aegean Film Festival Nomads’.



Volunteer Application

  • Please specify their name, email and phone number
  • Terms & Conditions


    The volunteer certifies that all information provided to Aegean Film Festival relating to their personal background, qualifications, experience, medical history, and current state of health is accurate and truthful, and that no information relating to the aforementioned areas is withheld.

    There is no work relationship between the volunteer and Aegean Film Festival for the volunteer services that is offered and there is no financial compensation on behalf of the Aegean Film Festival for the work offered.

    There are no rights on the intellectual property on the work produced for Aegean Film Festival. There is no right to keep documents and data after the end of volunteering.

    Aegean Film Festival and the independent local team reserve the right to:

    - dismiss a volunteer from the program at any time in the event that these Terms and Conditions, or the local team’s code of conduct are breached.

    - to remove a volunteer from their program if it becomes apparent that untruthful or inaccurate information is submitted in their application form or provided through communications with Aegean Film Festival staff, or if relevant information is withheld, or for any other reason by giving notice to the volunteer.

    - notify the emergency contact appointed by the volunteer in the event that the volunteer is dismissed from the program and in other circumstances deemed appropriate by Aegean Film Festival.

    - use feedback, videos and images of the volunteers for marketing and promotion purposes.

    - change these Terms and Conditions and will notify all applicants through the submitted email.

    - refuse acceptance to any application without specifying the reason.

    By applying you are agreeing that if your performance is deemed less than satisfactory by Aegean Film Festival; you will be unable to apply for further positions with Aegean Film Festival and that this information will be passed to the festival organiser.

    To volunteer at Aegean Film Festival you must have the right to volunteer in the EU.

    Any of the following including the aiding and abetting of others constitutes a breach of the Aegean Film Festival Terms and Conditions of employment and/or voluntary position.

    1. Destroying, altering or erasing documents, records or electronic data without permission or through negligence.

    2. Divulging matters confidential to Aegean Film Festival, either past or present, without permission.

    3. Soliciting or receipt of gratuities or other consideration from any person, or failure to account for keys, money or property received in connection with the business of Aegean Film Festival.

    4. Conduct in a manner likely to bring discredit to Aegean Film Festival fellow employee

    5. Use of uniform, equipment or identification without permission.

    6. Permitting unauthorised access to premises; event site; place of work.

    7. Carrying of equipment not issued as essential to an individual's role or duties

    8. Not maintaining agreed standards of appearance; identification; and deportment whilst volunteering.

    By applying you are agreeing that you will always put your personal as well as the public safety first and you will act in a professional way to ensure the good operation of the festival and its venues.

    The volunteer is solely responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel, specifically including all airfares or other transport costs to and from Greece and to and from Patmos.

    Aegean Film Festival is not responsible for any supporting documents necessary for the volunteer’s travel needs or other purposes. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring their travel documents are up to date and valid for travel.


    Aegean Film Festival does not provide the volunteer with insurance of any kind. Travel insurance is mandatory for each volunteer, and the volunteer will purchase this prior to departing on the trip. The volunteer is solely responsible for evaluating and determining the type, extent and levels of any insurance coverage they need or desire for their planned volunteer travel period. This must cover their entire travel period.


    The volunteer acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities and risks associated with their choice to travel to, temporarily reside in, and provide volunteer services. Such travel and volunteer work can be hazardous and involves a certain degree of risk, inherently dangerous activities and personal perils to the volunteer, both foreseen and unforeseen, all of which are fully accepted by and solely assumed by the volunteer. Therefore, Aegean Film Festival, including any and all of its employees, managers, directors, shareholders, host families and independent local teams, is not liable, to the maximum extent of the law, for any loss or harm the volunteer or associates may suffer, including but not limited to loss caused directly or indirectly by:

    • Personal injury; • Emotional injury; • Death; • Illness or disease; • Damage to or loss of property; • Natural disasters; • Hostage situations; or • War or terrorism.


    Aegean Film Festival and the volunteer agree to the conditions laid out in the Privacy Policy:

    Aegean Film Festival collects personal information through an application form on its website and via direct communications with volunteers. Aegean Film Festival respects and protects the privacy of website users and any personal information collected is used solely for the reasons it was given. Personal information is only used by Aegean Film Festival and our local teams for the purpose of providing volunteer support. Where a volunteer applies using a school or university email address, or indicates that they are a student of an educational institution, we reserve the right to share your name, contact details and program details with this institution. The sharing of personal information in these instances is solely for the purpose of promoting volunteer safety and supporting institutional insurance requirements. We do not provide personal information obtained through our website to other third-parties unless written permission is given.

    We might use your personal information to complete checks in line with Borders and Immigration law if this is requested by the authorities.

  • If you have any queries regarding the Aegean Film Festival Terms and Conditions you are advised to contact Aegean Film Festival in writing before submitting your application.
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